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This is a relatively long article which describes how the Clam Clamp can be used to speed production.

Tools of the Trade Magazine
Spring 1997 Issue, pg. 8
"Running Trim, Production Style"
by Editorial Staff




This is a lengthy article on a method of quickly trimming doors and windows using inexperienced help. This link will shoot you directly to the article on the JLC website.Don't get lost over there!

The Journal of Light Construction
December 1998, pg.48
Fast Trim without a Tape
by Jim Chestnut


"Fine Homebuilding Magazine"
July 2004, issue no. 164
by Jim Chestnut

I have re-worked this article to fit into the internet medium. The pictures were taken by "Fine Homebuilding Magazine", though this is the first place many of them has been published. Any inaccuracies or inappropriate verbiage that may appear in THIS article did NOT appear in "Fine Homebuilding" and are solely the result of my own ineptitude and/or perversity.




Radius Cabinets - A Photo Essay

by Jim Chestnut