Painting by Jim Pierce Key Largo

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Florida Keys Dolphin Fishing, Keys Fly and
Spin Fishing Guide

Fishing in the Florida Keys: Islamorada, Marathon, Key Largo,

Dolphin Fishing in the Florida Keys,
Marathon to Key Largo and between.

Painting by Jim Pierce Key Largo

Permit in the back country.


Dolphin fishing in the Keys is, like Tarpon fishing, filled with excitement. Unlike Tarpon, Dolphin are among the fastest growing fish in the ocean, and live an average of only 5 years, whereas Tarpon are know to live over 80 years. Dolphin are also delicious eating, and because of their very short natural life spans, dolphin simply do not have time to accumulate high levels of mercury as many other fish can, and are therefore a very healthy nutricious food.

For those of you new to Dolphin fishing the video below shows two Dolphin being caught at the same time, one on a spinning rod and the other on a fly rod.

Video - 20 MB

Video - 40 MB 


This video shows a few tips on how to fillet and skin Dolphin.

Cleaning Dolphin

And the following short video is a very quick and easy recipe for sauteed Dolphin that most kids who like chips and salsa will not only eat, but like to eat.

Recipe for a delicious Dolphin meal in just minutes.

Dolphin Recipe


So get out there and get some!


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